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2011, under the situation of the core competitiveness of the market orientation lighting
  Published: 2011-2-12
Trend in energy conservation and emission reduction cases, the face of the huge market opportunities and market competition, the lighting is so crazy, the world's LED big companies are increasing research and development, a breakthrough in new technologies, LED lighting technology, the pace of innovation is accelerating. Identify and strengthen competition in the lighting market positioning.

Currently, LED lighting industry has formed the United States, Asia, Europe, led by three regional distribution of the three pillars of industry competition. International day after Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Cree, Philips, Osram and other giants monopoly of the five high-end market, these five companies in terms of products and markets with different features, have formed a complete industrial chain of LED. They use their new products and innovations in technical fields, mainly in the production of high added value products.

Lighting market in 2011, positioning the core competitiveness

Traditional introduction of LED lighting giant new light source, to accelerate the formation of new business models. Governments actively develop environmental regulations prohibit the use of incandescent lamps. In addition, it is worth mentioning that China Taiwan LED industry in recent years the rapid rise of area, production and packaging of its chip production take place in the world. Statistics show that the market share of Taiwan products more than 60% of the world, but the quality of their products can not enter the first tier.

Ranks as the global lighting electricity consumption 20% of the total annual electricity consumption, of which up to 90% of the energy is converted into heat energy, is not cost-effective, environmental protection, energy saving under consideration, LED lighting has quickly become a popular technique of concern and industry. At the same time, governments actively develop environmental regulations, laws and regulations in the market and the dual interests of stimulation, the scale of the global LED industry was rapidly increasing.

LED lighting, the benefits are obvious. Australia in 2007 introduced the world's first regulations prohibit the use of incandescent lamps, the European Commission in March 2009 adopted a phase-out incandescent regulations. Therefore, the two traditional international lighting company Osram and Philips accelerated in recent years in the field of LED lighting layout. Promote their access to the rapid development of LED lighting market, but also accelerated the pace of progress in LED technology. The advantages of LED lighting, self-evident. LED light-emitting efficiency is high, life is very long, and its luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times as fluorescent, incandescent, 13 times. Incandescent light-emitting efficiency is very low, only 5% of electrical energy into light energy, 95% of the electrical energy into heat wasted. With the LED lighting industry in the rapid development of the traditional lighting giant hopes the design of light leaving the introduction of new lighting products more innovative. Therefore, LED lighting and conventional lighting in both areas are gradually combined to accelerate the formation of a new lighting business model, which is very conducive to promoting the use of LED lighting fast.

Domestic situation

Russia's emerging market growth rate as high as 166.8 percent, the South American market increase of about 121%, the Middle East market growth rate reached 43%, relatively slow growth in Africa only 14%. In all emerging markets, only the ASEAN market, falling instead of rising exports, than last year fell 8.6%.

Current problems in the lighting industry, mainly in the strong sense of long-term development strategy, profit-oriented behavior of prominent, lack of effective control of product quality, export-oriented low-end market, market competition is weak, the help and supervision of both the focus upgrading the industrial structure is the difficulty and focus. The first half of the international economic recovery, positive factors, Zhongshan Lighting substantial increase in exports year on year, but the export process, lack of effective control of product quality, export-oriented low-end market, market competition is still weak and other issues more prominent.

For the lighting industry existing problems, Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine since 2009, since the second half, which increased the production of business assistance, and with the new classification management approach to promote a planned, targeted to help companies to send business backbone Find the problem and prescribe the right medicine, to encourage enterprises to take the quality, brand. Since 2008, the U.S., the European high-end market suffered sub-prime crisis, the Greek impact of the credit crisis, a lot of electric light and lamps, Zhongshan enterprises in exploiting low-end products to the Middle East, South America, the ASEAN region, as Low profit trying to meet customer requirements, reducing the overall quality of export lamps. Among them, energy-saving lights, outdoor lights, LED lights was more prominent.
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