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Recalling the development of electronic information industry in 2010
  Published: 2011-2-12
2010 is the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" to wrap, and also picked up China's electronic information industry, an important year for the adjustment, by expanding domestic demand and external demand results show the combined effect of the gradual recovery of the market, the industry has resumed growth, the overall presentation before After the steady state of high. Software industry and foreign trade in breakthroughs, economic efficiency has improved steadily, continuing high investment growth, adjustment of product structure depth, upward trend in the industry chain more visible, business, market and location as the emergence of new trends, industry development and to promote information technology promote the integration of the two to play an active role in national economic development and growing global industrial layout occupies an important position.
First, the basic situation

(A) the completion of the indicators is better, stable development trend from high

1, steady growth in industrial scale. In 2010, China's large-scale electronic information industry revenues of 7.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 29.5%, of which the software industry revenue 1.3 trillion yuan, up 31.3%. Above-scale industrial added value of electronic information manufacturing industry increased 16.9%, accelerating 11.6 percentage points over the previous year, higher than the industry average of 1.2 percentage points; sales value of 6.3395 trillion yuan, an increase of 25.5%.

Figure 1 above the 2010 scale manufacturing of electronic information on the national industrial added value growth rate compared

2, the economic benefits of continuous improvement. In 2010, large-scale electronic information industry realized main business income 6.3645 trillion yuan, up 24.1%; profit 282.5 billion yuan, an increase of 57.7%. Industry-wide sales margin from the first quarter increased 2.7% to 4.4%, higher than the previous year (3.5%), nearly 1 percentage point. 3940 industry-wide loss-making enterprises, down 19.1%; business loss (18.8%) over the previous year (26.1%) reduction of 7.3 percentage points, loss of business losses fell 42.5%.

Figure 2 of each quarter of 2010, the scale of electronic information industry revenues and profits Comparison completion

3, the foreign trade development is good. In 2010, import and export of electronic information products reached 1.0128 trillion U.S. dollars, up 31.2%, accounting for 34.1% of total foreign trade; which exports 591.2 billion U.S. dollars, up 29.3%, accounting for 37.5% of exports; imports 421.6 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 34.0%, accounting for 30.2% of imports.

Figure 3 2010, monthly exports of electronic information products, the situation

4, the rapid momentum of growth of fixed asset investment. In 2010, more than 500 million industry-wide project is completed investment in fixed assets 599.3 billion yuan, an increase of 44.5%, 27 percentage points higher than the previous year, higher than the growth rate of industrial investment, 21.7 percentage points. One, two, three, four quarter growth rate of investment was 28.8%, 48%, 44.3% and 49%. New projects 4548, an increase of 2.4%, 39 percentage points lower than the previous year.

Figure 4 Electronic Information Industry in 2010 the completion of fixed asset investment

5, significant research and development results. To the end of 2010, the National Information technology patent applications filed over 1.1 million, an increase of more than 10%, Huawei, Datang, Hang Seng and other enterprises in the State controlled scientific and technological progress awards, servers, communications equipment, software make new breakthroughs in other fields. Accelerate the pace of new product development, the year of electronic information manufacturing industry output value of 1.421 trillion yuan of new products, an increase of 27.4%, 1.9 percentage points more than output growth, the proportion of total sales value (22.4%) than the previous year by 0.3 percentage points.

(B) contribution to the increasingly prominent on the national economy, the global industry lead to more stability

1, maintain its leading position in the industry. In 2010, electronic information manufacturing value added, profits, investment growth were higher than the industry average 1.2,4.3,21.7 percentage points. Of electronic information industry revenues, the proportion of employees in the country's total industrial 9.1%, 9.7%, exports of electronic information products export accounting for 37.5% share of the national economy increasingly prominent position of the pillar industries.

2, increasing the contribution of the national economy. In 2010, large-scale electronic information industry practitioners 880 million, compared with last year added 102 million people, accounting for urban employment population of 1 / 10. Taxes paid 95 billion yuan, up 43.1%, higher than the national industrial growth rate of 4 percent tax. Falling price level, color TV, phone, computer average price decreased 10% year on year, to curb soaring prices play an active role.

3, strong support for information technology development. As of the end of 2010, China's mobile phone penetration rate reached 64.4%, increased by 8 percentage points over the previous year, residents color TV, computer ownership rate of 2 percentage points higher than the previous year. Finance, electricity, transportation and industry application software revenue growth of more than 25% of information technology in intelligent transportation, power grids, the penetration of wireless city in a more prominent role, phone reading, mobile payment, network TV and other new business is expanding.

4, the status of the global manufacturing power is more prominent. In 2010, China produced 118 million color TV sets, mobile phones 998 million, 246 million micro-computer sets, digital cameras, 9 million units, were ranked first in the world.

Second, the operating characteristics

(A) the effectiveness of expanding domestic demand, continue to appear, showing recovery of export growth

In the continuing role of the national policy of expanding domestic demand, the electronic information industry maintained a rapid growth in domestic sales. In 2010, large-scale electronic information industry output value of 2.6733 trillion yuan to complete the domestic, an increase of 24.7%, maintained for 11 consecutive months of growth rate of over 20%. Home appliances market, third and fourth level policy greatly stimulated the development potential of product sales to new high in 2010, total national sales of home appliances 77.18 million units, achieved sales of 173.2 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3 times, respectively, and 1.7-fold. TM to promote urban home appliance product updates, sales and marketing to achieve new breakthroughs in 2010, and recovery appliance trade volume sales of more than 30 million units, an increase of more than 2 times.

With the gradual recovery in external demand, exports have resumed growth. In 2010, the export delivery value up 26.2%, reversing the decline in the previous year (-5.6%) situation, the industry's export dependence (57.8%) 0.2 percentage points over the previous year.

(B) the effectiveness of structural adjustment obvious trend is clearly upward chain

Electronic information industry accelerated restructuring. In 2010, the output value of industry sales of electronic components increased by 29.4% and 39%, export delivery value up 26.2% and 41.7%, profit up 61% and 207.4%, to become the main driving force the whole industry growth; the software industry has maintained an 31% the rate of growth, accounting for the proportion of electronic information industry reached 18%. Continued upward chain, a number of 12-inch IC production line put into operation, gradually narrowing the gap with the developed countries; many LCD panel production line has been put into production to make up a high-generation production line blank.

Speed up the whole product upgrades, flat panel, network, intelligent, green oriented. LCD TVs accounted for 75.5% share, of which LED television more than 20%, 3D TV a hot market. The proportion of notebook computers accounted for 75.6% PC, tablet PCs, desktop sales growth rate of one machine more than 30%. 60% growth in 3G mobile phones, smart phones accounted for more than 20%.

(C) the trend of prominent business transformation, a new trend of domestic and foreign

Raise the proportion of domestic enterprises, to accelerate the pace of adjustment. In 2010, domestic corporate income, the export delivery value increased by 33.0% and 31.2%, higher than the industry average of 4.5 and 5 percentage points, the proportion of total industry (27.6%) increased by 1 percentage point over the previous year. Large enterprises to accelerate the adjustment of marketing strategy: First, accelerate the extension of the upstream products, color TV enterprises involved in the field of LCD modules and panels, computer enterprises to actively expand the network services market. Second, the active implementation of mergers and acquisitions, such as Datang and SMIC, Hua Hong and Wang Li, AsiaInfo, and joint creation, the Great Wall and the TPV, Founder and Acer and other acquisitions. Third, to speed up the network, and service-oriented strategic transformation, Lenovo, Haier, Huawei Dengjun proposed new strategic direction, focus to mobile Internet services, cloud computing and other new fields.

Foreign-scale growth has decreased. In 2010, foreign-invested enterprise sales output value, export delivery value of investment increased by 22.7%, 24.5%, 11.3%, lower than the industry average 2.8,1.7,33.2 percentage points; the proportion of total industry (50.3%, 63.5% , 17.9%) percentage points over the previous year decreased 1.1,0.9,5.4.

Indicators of recovery in Hong Kong, Macao enterprises to speed up. In 2010, Hong Kong, Macao-invested enterprises sales value, export delivery value, profit growth of 27.5%, 28.4% and 60.9%, respectively, higher than the industry average of 2,2.2 and 7.2 percentage points, reversing the negative growth over the previous year.

(D) to accelerate the pace of regional metastasis, and the surrounding coastal areas in Sichuan and Chongqing to become a new growth pole

Electronic information industry development in central and western regions faster than the eastern region. In 2010, central region of electronic information industry revenues, profits were up 42.5% and 80.4%, higher than the industry average of 14 and 26.7 percentage points; western regional income, profits increased by 46.6% and 55.8%; eastern regional income profit increased by 27.3% and 51.8%, reversing the decline in the previous year (-2.3%, -5.4%) trend. From an investment perspective, completed 164.5 billion yuan in central areas, an increase of 49.5%, 2.9 percentage points higher than the previous year; completion of the western region 64.3 billion, an increase of 14.6%, 57.7 percentage points lower than the previous year; completed 370.5 billion yuan in eastern , an increase of 49.1%, 47.7 percentage points higher than the previous year.

Industries to central and western regions to speed up: First, faster growth in coastal areas surrounding provinces, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hunan, Guangxi, and other regional sales value growth of more than 35%. Second, with the western development strategy and promote the implementation of comprehensive reform pilot area in Sichuan and Chongqing, Sichuan, Chongqing, electronic information industry, increase investment and development efforts, sales value increased by 49.6%, 74.4%.

Third, issues of concern

(A) of the superposition of a number of factors led to increasing pressure on business costs

Since 2010, raw materials, labor, and other elements of price hikes, appreciation of the renminbi to accelerate, business pressures. Since 2010, rising raw material prices, the cost of the main business of electronic information industry grew 28%. Pearl River Delta, the average labor costs, which rose more than 20%.

(B) of the TV business performance decline reflects weak industrial base defects

Since 2010, domestic color TV enterprises benefit the backbone of a decline, mainly due to: on the one hand, business expectations for 2010 are too optimistic, over-purchasing CCFL LCD panel, resulting in inventory; the other hand, foreign brands to adjust business strategy squeeze domestic market share and profit margins companies; third development of the industry some of the deep-seated problems remain.

Fourth, Outlook 2011

From an international point of view, the global IT market in general good, countries to further speed up the information infrastructure and information technology, depth of application, the rapid development of a new generation of information technology, accelerate the recovery in emerging markets will drive global IT market to grow steadily. But by 2011, global market competition will become fiercer, trade protection have become increasingly prominent, changes in market prices of raw materials increased, the export of China's electronic information products will to some extent.

Domestically, the electronic information industry development prospects. First, the overall policy is conducive to industry growth trends, the state vigorously promote the development of a new generation of information technology for the industry to create a favorable external environment. Second, domestic electronic information products market continued to maintain stable development, 3G business, digital city construction and transport and power networks, upgrading, etc. for the domestic industry has brought new space. Third, investment growth for the industry to bring new momentum. The development of electronic information throughout the strategic approach to development of new industries as a major change in direction, to further stimulate industry investment growth.

But with the domestic and international macro-environment changes, some uncertain and unstable factors still exist, the industry faces difficulties and contradictions are still prominent. Industrial development in 2011 is still the opportunities and challenges. Electronic information throughout the year is expected to grow by about 15% of manufacturing value added, the software industry grew about 25%.
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