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Development of China's electronic information industry and key
  Published: 2011-2-12
The first reversal in March this year, China's electronic information industry has been at the end of August, "for 6 months" to achieve export growth than domestic sales. However, the Ministry of Industry published on the website of these shows, "external demand continued to pick up" the good news, and did not let the industry grin.

With the growth of the global economic recovery, the global electronics industry has entered a full recovery stage in 2010. Strong demand from emerging markets and inventory covering is to promote economic recovery of the two major power industry. From historical experience, industry a big increase in business cycle phase lasts for 2-3 years, in the first quarter of 2009 the economy bottomed out the industry projections, the industry's high point of the economy until 2011 the earliest appears.

Development of China's electronic information industry

Electronic information industry has a large industrial scale, technological progress fast, and strong industrial linkage characteristics, is an important engine of economic growth, it is important to our national strategic industry.

Since the second half of 2009, China's electronic information industry continued to maintain the recovery of growth, out of the negative impact of the international financial crisis has entered a stable growth stage.

Although the macroeconomic environment has stabilized to the good, but the uncertainties in economic operation and the problem still exists, the international market is still fluctuating, the industry has not fully recovered to the level before the international financial crisis. This requires further understand the industry development trend, grasp the development of key industries, based on long-term, advanced layout, in order to obtain sustained and stable and rapid growth.

Some of the industry trends to determine

Developed countries is still to seize the strategic high ground

In recent years, countries have introduced a new electronic information industry development strategy. U.S. focus on a variety of intelligent systems and advanced communication technology and the introduction of the economic stimulus plan focused on medical electronics and photovoltaics, optoelectronics and other emerging information technology; in the EU, Japan, the introduction of the electronic information industry-related development strategies, In particular, the things in the traditional industries of the future development priorities.

IT innovation integration, integration of the more significant features

First, information technology is increasingly reflected in the joint development of technology groups, such as integrated circuits, network technology, information technology group as the representative of the communications industry has brought revolution, and has penetrated into all disciplines and fields. Second, technology integration and cross-integration of a comprehensive R & D difficulty increases, the need for technical, personnel, capital and other elements of the concentration of investment in innovation, research and development investment, creating more patents, a few large enterprises through the formation of core technology standards or systems of innovation alliance , into the enterprise after the formation of barriers, thus leading industries.

Business model innovation has become a new engine of industrial development

First, service-oriented IT technology products. Such as cloud computing will become the information industry one of the most important business models, including the three modes: infrastructure or services, software as a service and platform as a service. Second, the reconstruction of the industrial chain system. -Based terminal, network, software, content, services, integration capabilities are increasingly becoming the key to seize the initiative in industrial development.

Multinational companies to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions

Since 2009, the world's major IT companies have to tackle the financial crisis through the strategic integration of advantageous resources mergers and acquisitions, emerging markets, the implementation of product diversification strategy, thereby enhancing their competitive position and power.

In the next 5 years, with the gradual recovery of world economy, this development momentum will continue, the major multinational IT companies will continue to use its existing resources to actively carry out mergers and acquisitions, to expand business and market space.

Green IT will be the focus of future development of industry

At present, governments have been offering green IT strategy and future development planning. Japanese government in the "Digital Japan Innovation Plan" proposed the development and implementation of the ubiquitous green ICT, accelerate low-carbon revolution; the South Korean government in the "Green IT National Strategy" put forward to increase R & D investment in order to achieve low-carbon work environment; EU the use of ICT to develop a variety of energy-saving and emission reduction policy framework.

In addition, the government policy incentives and guidance, the world's leading IT companies are actively designing and improving the green IT technology.

Valuation levels in the electronic information sector collective uplift, we believe that the sustainability of investment opportunities in the industry should be considered in three aspects: first, the recovery process and the extent of the industry, changes in industry performance is the cornerstone of the decision and also decided to plate investment The most central element of chance; Second, the domestic support policies of the progress and extent of cash, which is different from the domestic electronic information companies important point to similar companies worldwide; the third, the global technology sector of the stock market performance. Whether global or domestic, investment opportunities in technology stocks in the investment logic shown considerable consistency. Therefore, changes in the global market trend of technology stocks will be available for the domestic market-oriented role. All in all, if not simultaneously lower the expected industry recovery + of + domestic support policy vacuum to adjust the global technology sector, investment opportunities in the electronics sector remains sustainable, the stock prices of systemic reaction is accompanied by fluctuations in the market valuation correction appears .
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