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Intended to build a world-class high-end electronic information industry base
  Published: 2011-2-12
For the future of LED industry in Dongguan is, to achieve great development, how to go upstream from the downstream, from low to high-end, determine the future development prospects. City high-end new electronic information industry development action plan (2010-2012), "recently released, the reporter learned from the City Council by letter, electronic information industry in Dongguan City," a nuclear 'new' area, four demonstration areas, four a feature of industrial clusters "of scientific layout, work together to build high-end electronic information industry in Dongguan City, the" big base. "

Dongguan's goal is initially established in 2012 a complete industrial chain, gathering high-end with the key core technology of new electronic information industry, electronic information industry consolidation, Dongguan City, the leading edge, to create world-class high-end electronic information industry base .

2012, 330 billion yuan output value

Electronic information industry in Dongguan City, short-term goal is that by 2012 about 330 billion yuan output value, an average annual compound growth rate of 11.2%. Among them, the new display OLED, a new generation of communication, new electronic components industry as the core of the city's three new high-end electronics and information industry with an annual output value of 500 billion yuan, accounting for the city's electronic information industry, more than 10% of gross.

2012, Dongguan City, will build more than 3-4 new provincial-level high-end electronic information industry base, and vigorously promote the Guangdong (Dongguan) Industrial Base of things to build OLED Anwell South City Industrial Park, Songshan Lake Industrial Park, a new generation of communications , (Shi Jie, Qi Shi) new electronic components Industrial Park, Songshan Lake Industry Park of things, and cultivate more than 10 in the corresponding industries in the domestic leading enterprises.

In the 2010-2012 period, Dongguan, in the "new display OLED", "next-generation communications," "the basis of the core components of new" three core business areas and development of things made the first breakthrough. At the same time push the animal networking, cloud computing, triple play, next-generation Internet and other new format development.

One by one the three major breakthroughs in core industries

Industry in OLED, the OLED industry base in Dongguan has advanced OLED production technology, in process R & D, IC design, equipment manufacturing and materials development and other aspects of development and international advanced level of synchronization. G2.5AMOLED to gradually build two production lines, and built two more than G4.5 AMOLED production lines, five high-level AMOLEDIC professional design company, 10 test plants and factories more than 200 applications.

In the next-generation communications industries, Dongguan City in South China region to build the largest telecommunications terminals and network equipment manufacturing base, and form a set of upstream materials, communications, software and integrated circuits, components D and production, midstream mobile phone equipment manufacturing, lower mobile phone sales, communications applications, network applications, digital content, a complete industrial chain of creativity.

In the new electronic components industries, relying on existing electronic components in Dongguan City, the industrial scale and infrastructure advantages, focusing on the core of new breakthroughs in basic research and development manufacture electronic components, so as to end the city's electronic information industry development of new infrastructure facilities to provide support, and ultimately OLED display and the formation of a new generation of communications networking industry and physical development of the closed-loop industrial chain.

In the areas of things, foster and support 10 domestic leading enterprises, construction ", Dongguan City, innovation and industrial base of things," the formation of enterprises in Dongguan in Guangdong the gathering of things; a "City of things innovative services platform", the service number SMEs in 5000, will build into the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan City Industrial application base of things; within eight pillar industries in Dongguan set 3-4, respectively, the industry model applications; in the field of public utilities set 1-2 industry demonstration application.

Special fund to be established

Financial support is the industry's focus of attention. To this end, the development of Dongguan City is also expected to set up special funds for high-end new electronic information, a concentrated focus of resources to support high-end construction of new electronic information industry base, from the self-cultivation, investment and industry support for the introduction of three areas, focusing on breakthroughs in key technologies to support industry , major achievements in industry, technology investment guidelines, a public service together, technological transformation projects.

In addition, the authorities also suggested that the high-end development of new electronic information industry, to further implement the government procurement should be the product of the system of independent innovation, R & D costs plus the net of tax policies, high-tech enterprise business tax rate reduced to 15% income tax, directly used in scientific research testing the import apparatus, equipment exempt from VAT, import of equipment technical innovation projects and major technical equipment duty-free import tax exemptions and other preferential policies.

Financing services, Dongguan, Dongguan City, proposes to develop new electronic information industry to promote the development of high-end venture capital fund management approach, to attract the flow of social capital and venture capital investment in high-risk areas of industry, the formation of the multiplier effect of industrial development fund.

Whether the focus of a solid industrial base?

Development of new electronic information industry is the high-end electronics and information industrial transformation and upgrading of traditional general trend, Dongguan electronic information industry has always been a leading pillar industry, this view was expressed that the development of high-end Dongguan new electronic information industry has a solid industrial base, but also a point of view that the advantages of electronic information industry in Dongguan part or in traditional consumer electronic components and assembly, the truly high-end development of new electronic information industry, there is a large concentration gap between these two views, the industry is how to treat it?

Digital Machinery Co., Ltd., Dongguan Hongwei Yang Mingsheng Chief Engineer basis that both views. First of all, Dongguan City, by virtue of the electronic information industry first-mover advantage, industrial scale in the country has been a leader in the city.

But the current electronic information industry in Dongguan is still in electronic components, home audio-visual products, digital consumer electronics and other traditional consumer electronics industry. Although, like lithium battery, LED, OLED, LCD, 3G mobile devices, integrated circuit packaging and testing, software design, including new energy, new source, new flat-panel displays, next-generation communications equipment, networks and integrated circuits and software, new media and other emerging industry is developing rapidly, but still mainly concentrated in low value-added manufacturing base.

For the current state of their industries in Dongguan, must the whole industry chain and common development, especially to the development of equipment manufacturing industry. Driven by production and processing until the equipment manufacturing sales, a whole industry chain cluster, to achieve high-end development of new electronic information industry gathering.

Guangdong Electronics Industry Institute director of the Institute of cloud computing industry, said Qiang Yue, Guangdong Province, we have analyzed the electronic information industry, electronic information industry is the first pillar industry in Guangdong Province, a regional GDP, industrial output value, industrial added value to Look, the electronic information industry in Guangdong ranked first, and for many years maintained a double-digit growth. Since 1990, the Guangdong Province, total industrial output value of electronic information industry ranked first in the country for 19 years. To Dongguan, the data show that in 2009, Dongguan City, large-scale electronic information product manufacturing more than 1,600, the average annual output value of more than 2 million, is a pillar industry in Dongguan.

Yue admits, however strong, Dongguan electronic information industry firm size is generally small, two million, the average annual output value compared with the national average of 3.1 billion is still lagging behind. Spontaneous development of the main reasons is the main town street, the overall strategic planning is not strong, which resulted in the electronic information industry in Dongguan advantage did not translate into a strong, that is to foster and create a number of main business income of a hundred years billion of electronic information products manufacturing enterprises, real high-end new electronic information industry cluster development also requires greater efforts.

2 How to grasp the focus of development priorities?

The cultivation of industrial chain, more and more of the regional government attach great importance. At the regional competition, the more detailed division of labor today, taking the whole industry chain development of Dongguan, the possibility and feasibility of how much? New electronic industries in the high-end, Dongguan how to seize the key, targeted?

In this regard, Yue strong that this is a good development ideas, focusing on the development of hardware equipment and related applications. But the software should also be the focus, such as system software, application software, software services, but also to strengthen this area, otherwise easily lead to unbalanced development, the software industry output value of electronic information industry in Dongguan City in less than 3%, in the software and modern information services sector there is a big gap. In the longer term, the focus should be to foster a large number of proprietary software, platform software, such high-end of new electronic information industry in Dongguan of sustainable development to help, they may make the industry characteristics.

Long-term development for the industry, Guangdong Zhicheng Champion Qiugui Ouyang, vice president, said, from the long-term development perspective, the industrial chain business to do well "6 +1" upgrade integration. Judging from the short term, will have to be three aspects: First, low debt; second is to increase cash flow; third prudent investment. "These actions will ensure that enterprises can be hired in a crisis in the back and elastic. Such entrepreneurs, crisis, there will be plenty of opportunities to restore something else." Dongguan as the "world factory", manufacturing important. Dongguan's manufacturing sector in order to break the economic crisis, can not rely on government policy, the environment, nor can pure manufacturing, must find their own problems, the industrial chain integration. "Can not simply manufacture, must be integrated product design, raw material procurement, logistics, order processing, wholesale business, the six aspects of the retail terminal, because only these six aspects of the whole industry chain is the most valuable to create the most part out of surplus. "

"For the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan proposed for the development of modern high-end industrial demonstration zone, the Pearl River Delta internationally competitive industrial centers and a strong radiation integrated service center, which is entirely possible. Dongguan electronic information industry development better, according to the development of ideas, enhance the core technology, the Pearl River Delta should be able to become a model of modern industry. "Ouyang Qiugui think.
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