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Support national electronic information industry base and industrial park development policy
  Published: 2011-2-12
Building national electronic information industry base (hereinafter referred to as the "base") and Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as "Park") is a powerful strategy for the implementation of important e-initiatives. To support further integration of base and park resources and enhance the capability of independent innovation, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, aggregate industry to play, and the driving effect of radiation, to create regional industrial brands, formulated policy.

Policy objectives of Chapter
The first through government guidance and market-driven simultaneously, the central and local cooperation and interaction, the scale expansion and industrial upgrading 并重, promoting base and the park become a focal point of regional economic structure adjustment and economic growth mode transformation of the engine, become the information industry "going out" in service platform for international competition, strengthen the information industry to become independent innovation capability and building an important carrier of world electronic power.

Chapter planning guidance
Second base and will accelerate construction of the park as a "national economic and social development of information technology" Eleventh Five-Year "special plan", "information industry" Eleventh Five-Year "plan", "information technology industry," Eleventh Five-Year "and the long-term development plan "an important task.
Third base and the park management to absorb the national information industry sector participation in regional planning, special planning, industrial policy development and major issues on the industry. The base and the park enterprises as the industry's implementation of major projects and special subject. Strengthen the industrial base and the park development plan guidance.

Chapter Innovation
Article base and encourage enterprises to establish R & D institutions within the park, identify and foster a number of innovative information technology companies and research centers to support key enterprises to carry out joint development of key technologies and related standards, and accelerate business-oriented independent innovation system .
Article promoting the National Engineering Laboratory, State Key Laboratory, National Engineering (Research) Center, Enterprise Technology Center, affiliated research institutions into the base and the park, various forms of technical cooperation, and promote industrialization of research findings.
Article support construction of the park at the base and a number of public technology-oriented industries, intellectual property and information service platform to form an open sharing mechanism, optimization of regional industrial development environment.

Chapter IV International cooperation
Article VII of the park to strengthen the base and attracting foreign investment and guidance, to guide foreign enterprises have settled down feature advantages park, to encourage multinational companies to set up the park at the base and R & D center.
Article VIII fully bilateral, regional cooperation mechanisms, at the government level for the base and the park enterprises "going out" to build a good platform for international cooperation, to guide and encourage their participation in international cooperation projects. Support competitive enterprises to explore overseas markets to promote and enhance international operations capabilities.
Article IX to rely on bases and parks, the establishment of the Ministry, provincial, Park of the industrial base and early warning system for enterprises to provide support to deal with international trade disputes.

Chapter Information Construction
Article support base and strengthen the information technology park. Accelerate the business park as a base and e-government services, to promote electronic signatures, electronic authentication certificate application, and parks as a base to provide electronic authentication services to e-business applications.
Article XI increase the base and Park Information System Engineering efforts to promote and support regional information bases and parks, city information technology and enterprise information and the application of information technology to transform and upgrade traditional industries of the pilot, demonstration and promotion.

Chapter VI funding
Article XII in the electronic information industry development fund, special fund for integrated circuit research and development, information technology, "doubling plan" loans and discount arrangements for the project plan to declare the park to the base and tilt of independent innovation projects, and information services on the common technology platform , major industry and a high proportion of local funds provide key support for the project.
Article XIII national authorities to actively promote technological progress in the information industry and industrial upgrading, high-tech industrialization demonstration projects, national engineering centers, major scientific and technological implementation of such a special organization, enterprises in the park on the bases and give key support.
Article XIV of the park as a base to key projects and national projects supporting the provision of support. Bases and parks special fund to be established, of which, the base of special funds should not be less than 5000 yuan / year, the park special funds should not be less than 1000 yuan / year.
Article XV in the implementation of the Ministry of National Development Bank signed the "Support the development of electronic information industry and information technology application and development of financial cooperation agreement", the increase of the base and the development of enterprises in the park reported the coordination of financial support for loan projects.

Chapter VII of the personnel training and exchange
Article XVI bases and parks to explore and support the establishment of regional industry personnel training system. Base and the park guide enterprises and universities, research institutes to establish a combination of research platform for information technology personnel training, increase the complex, practical and highly skilled personnel training efforts.
Article XVII support base and the park to establish personnel exchange mechanisms. Encourage and guide domestic and foreign information industry bases and personnel to the business park, work, receive and send in the annual work of sending cadres to give priority to the base and tilt the park.
Article XVIII support base and the park personnel to establish various types of continuing education base, bases and parks to promote businesses and professionals within the scientific and technological innovation and knowledge updated. Support bases and training in the park all categories of personnel abroad, the introduction of the project in the intellectual arrangement of the park to the base and tilt.

Chapter VIII of the industry management
Article XIX Ministry and provincial, autonomous regional and municipal authorities will support the information industry development of the park into the daily bases and industry management, strengthen guidance. The base and the park local government must be clear base and the specialized agencies responsible for the management of the park.
Diershitiao strengthen the industry statistics. The base and scope of the park into the industry statistics, based on "electronic information industry statistics management approach" to establish statistical system counterparts in the annual statistical report on the base and the park's major economic indicators to do a special analysis and comparison.
Article of the Ministry established a green channel operations, and the park as a base to provide convenient services to enterprises and institutions.
Twenty-two established bases and Park Department and the exchange of information between the mechanisms. Through policy notification, information release, the organization regularly exchanges, appraised recognition, etc., to promote mutual development.

Chapter IX Supplementary Provisions
Twenty-three of the local industrial base and the park authorities should be based on the specific implementation of the policy measures.
Twenty-four of this policy shall be interpreted by the Ministry of Information Industry.
Twenty-five of the policies implemented since the release date.
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